Thinking About a Remodeling Project?

  1. BulletNew attic bedroom

  2. BulletFinished Basement/Rec Room

  3. Bullet  Update or Add a Bathroom

  4. Bullet  Repair or Add a Deck

  5. BulletAdd a Garage

  6. Bullet  Update Kitchen

  7. Bullet  Roof Replacement

  8. Bullet  Siding Replacement

  9. Bullet  Window Replacement

  10. Bullet  Update Electrical Service

  11. BulletUpdate Heating & Cooling System

Home Maintenance & Repairs

  1. Bullet  Faucet Repairs or Replacement

  2. Bullet  Disposal Repairs or Replacement

  3. Bullet  Commode Repair or Replacement

  4. Bullet  Hot Water Tank Repair/Replace

  5. Bullet  Clogged Drains

  6. Bullet  Bulbs, Ballast, Filter Changes

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A well designed kitchen remodel can increase the beauty, the value and the efficiency in the house. Remodeling the kitchen or bathroom with energy efficient appliances, all-time water heaters and lighting can bring savings to your electricity, water, and gas bills. Add an island in your kitchen to increase storage and make it easier to entertain guests. Add more a more spacious pantry and built in storage racks. In the bathroom add low flow water shower heads, replace your old shower or bathtub with a custom tile shower that will increase your space and improve the eye appeal of your home. Consider adding a kitchen or kitchenette when finishing your basement. Adding custom tiled bathrooms and kitchens in the basement help create a great in-law suite or the ultimate hosting home for holiday events. 

Commercial Construction and Remodeling

For many reasons building owners are upgrading their buildings and commercial areas and Goodman Construction is here to help. With many of the technology upgrades and environment friendly restrictions being placed upon building owners these days, sometimes remodeling is a must. Goodman Construction can help you with your commercial upgrade and take advantage of tax benefits such as upgrading to energy efficient windows and water saving toilets. Sometimes a commercial building just needs a facelift for eye appeal sake. Foster Insurance and Beep Beep Driving School upgraded their offices inside and out. The interior carpets were replaced with new carpeting and ceramic tile along with upgrades to the vct for more efficient heating and air conditioning. Many areas of drywall were replaced and a fresh coat of paint was applied. The exterior enhancements can be seen in the images with decorative stone and glass store fronts. 

Triple the Punch

Your home or thriving business counts on having space on demand. Do you have the time to wait and suffer through the distractions of long-lasting construction jobs? Goodman Construction delivers the triple punch of speed, economy, and craftsmanship to complete a job in record time. There are seven days in a week and, if needed, we will work them all to make sure you don't have any down time.

Our "Clients First" philosophy is visible at every level of the company from the top down. Every Goodman Construction team member recognizes and understands that our reputation as an on-schedule, on-budget general contractor depends on the success of our clients' projects.

The Profitability of Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Application of these 10 energy efficiency measures in a typical home yields nearly $600 in annual bill savings, and an impressive 16% overall return on investment.

Providing Value-Added Construction Services for Your Property

OUR HISTORY... Since 1957 the family of Goodman Group Companies have been providing real estate/ construction,  repair and remodeling services to the greater St. Clairsville area. During the past 50+ years, Goodman’s  has constructed well over 400 homes, offices, retail spaces and apartment buildings. Construction Superintendent Carl Bittner operates the construction and maintenance department of the company and has a vast knowledge and experience in all phases of construction and building maintenance. Carl and his crew of personnel offer an efficient and reliable solution to your maintenance and remodeling needs.



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